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Adobe has released Adobe AIR2.7 with several new feature and enhancements.
New Feature:

  • Install AIR Runtime to SD (Android)
  • Improved performance on iOS
  • Media Measurement
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Enhanced HTMLLoader API
  • Interpreter Mode for iOS
  • Important bug fixes and security enhancements

    Release notes of AIR 2.7

    Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK release with three major initiatives:

    1. Multiscreen application development capability
    2. New Spark components

      1. Spark DataGrid
      2. Spark Form
      3. Spark Image and BitmapImage enhancements
      4. Improvements to BitmapImage
      5. Introducing Spark Image
      6. Spark Formatters
      7. Spark Validators
      8. Other New Spark Components & Capabilities
    3. Make incremental improvements to core Flex infrastructure to ease large application development
      1. Video and text enhancements in Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK

        1. OSMF and Flex 4.5 SDK
        2. TLF and Flex 4.5 SDK
      2. Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK compiler improvements(Three major improvements)

        1. Reducing memory consumption for full builds
        2. Reducing compilation time for full and incremental builds
        3. Improving the compiler’s RSL linking logic
      3. Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK compiler improvements
      4. RSL Improvements
      Download currently available early preview releases.Read More

    Adobe is developing a tool called codename (“Wallaby”). Wallaby is a tool to convert the Flash .fla files in HTML. After the conversion of the file you can change the content in any HTML Editor.
    It is available now on Adobe Labs. You can download the preview version.

    Download the Wallaby preview

    Read more

    Adobe has launched Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta, formerly known as Adobe Flex Builder, Flex 4 SDK beta, and Adobe Flash Catalyst(Interaction design tool).
    Flex SDK has been focused on following:

  • Design in Mind
  • Developer Productivity
  • Framework Evolution
  • Flash Builder 4 has been focused on following:

  • Designer/developer workflow
  • Data-centric development
  • IDE productivity and testing
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst:

  • Adobe Flash Catalyst is for create rapidly application without coding. Any body who knows only (Flash, Photoshop, or Illustrator) they can also create a application using Flash catalyst. You can easily transform your Photoshop or Illustrator file in working application.
  • Here are the link for download the followings tools:

    I was just looking of the Flex4(Gumbo) language reference. There are several major improvement in gumbo. One of them is Spark Effect. Spark effects can be applied to any component(halo, spark) and graphical components(Rectangle, Ellipse, and path).  Spark effect gives visual effect over the target component. This is really looking interesting for add some good animation on flex application. Earlier it was difficult…

    <?xml version=”1.0″?>
    <!– behaviors\SparkXFormRotateMove.mxml –>
    <FxApplication xmlns=”″&gt;
    <Parallel id=”parallelRMForward”
    <Parallel id=”parallelRMBack”
    <FxButton label=”Play Effect Forwar”
    x=”10″ y=”10″
    <FxButton label=”Play Effect Backwar”
    x=”150″ y=”10″
    click=”parallelRMBack.end();;” />
    <Image id=”myImage”
    x=”10″ y=”50″


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    • Ratnabharati: Thanks Keshaw, Currently, I am trying to build a small application in Flex. However, I am facing an issue while debugging my file. I will send you
    • Keshawkumar: Hi Ratna, In flex architecture, you can use containers and component whatever you needed. Like if you want to show a image then take a image compon


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